Heavy Vehicles

Antivibration Solutions
- Main products

Trelleborg Bohemia - Automotive components for Heavy Vehicles

Heavy Vehicles

Antivibration Solutions
- Main products

Chassis Application

Antivibration Solutions - Axle and leaf spring bushings

Axle and leaf spring bushings

IAntivibration Solutions - Stabilizer bushings

Stabilizer bushings

Antivibration Solutions - Bumpstops


Antivibration Solutions - Cab mounts, cab bushings

Cab mounts, cab bushings

Motor Compartment Application

Motor Compartment Application - Engine, gearbox, clutch mounts and struts

Engine, gearbox, clutch mounts and struts

Motor Compartment Application - Cooler mounts

Cooler mounts

Motor Compartment Application - Turbocharger and other bellows

Turbocharger and other bellows

Other products from this category

  • Motor mounts
  • Compressor bearings
  • Battery mounts
  • Fabric reinforced diaphragms

Sealing Application

  • Interior Grommets
  • Exterior Grommets
  • Sealing elements
  • Rubber Holders

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